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Gondrand International AG
Group Head Office
Uferstrasse 70
P.O. Box 534
CH-4019 Basel

Tel.: +41 61 285 30 00
Fax: +41 61 285 35 11

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  • Marius Stanescu November 14, 2018

    Dear Sir/Madam, My name is Marius Stanescu and I am responsible for the sales department of MVT LOGISTIK GROUP, as a sales manager. Moreover, I have to tell you that we are working with automotive top clients / brands, like: TAKATA, YAZAKI, BMW, MAHLE etc., answering to a variety of quotation, as well as respecting the loading/delivery management. Taking all this into account, please feel 100 % assured that a potential collaboration between our groups will be strictly supported by me and my team with dedication and full support for the client. We would be interested in a strong collaboration between our companies concerning all available shipments you can provide (full EUROPE excepting loading and deliver in FRANCE) with a focus on those shipments (FTL/LTL) which are from/to Romania. Our team is 24/7/365 dedicated to our clients so please make comfortable to send us any requests, anytime you need a solution (even in case is not to/from ROMANIA but inside the EU territory). What I could already mention in a short resume would be that: - MVT LOGISTIK GROUP was created in 2000, located in TIMISORA, ROMANIA, and includes 2 companies: MVT LOGISTIK and ALL CARGO EXPRESS; with more than 18 years of experience in transportation area, including automotive industry, food industry, chemical industry etc., MVT GROUP’s portfolio is referring to strong clients like: HELLA, KSS, CONTINENTAL, TRW AUTOMOTIVE SAFETY SYSTEMS, MAHLE, DURA AUTOMOTIVE, TAKATA, P&G, whose image we carried all over the world. - Our fleet includes: 103 mega trucks, with mega multilock semitrailers, all of them EURO 6 not older than 3 years, ready for loading a variety of goods types. - We are also able to offer WAREHOUSING services to our clients anytime is needed (please see the group presentation) in strategic locations like: ARAD, TIMISORA. We are here, ready to answer to your needs anytime and everywhere! P.S. Looking forward for your feedback Cu respect / Best regards, Marius Stanescu Sales Manager All CARGO EXPRES / MVT LOGISTIK Mob. +4 0730 643 821 Fax: +4 0256 242 555 Email: Web:

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